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Employee Information Destruction Training Program

What good does it do to have the best policy written and approved to protect your organization from inadvertently leaking out, or improperly disposing, of personal or competitive information if your employees do not know about it? Even worse, what good is it if your employees know about the policy but do not know how to implement it.

Using the NAID® Employee Information Destruction Training Program we offer you an easy-to-use, 3-step process for complying with regulatory requirements to instruct personnel on the organization’s program for destroying personal and competitive information when it is no longer needed.

Step 1:

Employees view the 15 minute NAID® Employee Information Destruction video presentation, which explains why proper destruction is critical to the organization.

Step 2:

Employees are provided with written instructions on the organization’s specific information destruction procedures. We will help you prepare this short document.

Step 3:

Employees verify that they have viewed the training video, understand the written instructions, and agree that ongoing compliance is a condition of their employment. We can provide you with sample agreements and help you modify them for your business/organization.

That’s it. Employees are trained, there is a record of compliance with training requirements, and your organization is better protected from unauthorized access to sensitive information. Plus, the organization is also now insulated from the fines that result when such training is not provided.

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